Tim Cooper, guitarist from Mount Maunganui, New Zealand currently playing with NZ reggae band 1814.

My pedal board consists of the following… McPherson modded 535Q Jim Dunlop Wah. That goes into a McPherson Pure modded MXR Phase 90, then a McPherson Antique Over Drive (my main & most used pedal), I have an Ultimate drive next in the chain for extra dirt, followed a McPherson ZERO11 which I use as a clean boost or solo channel, at the end is a DD6 delay and a TC HoF Reverb.

I started with the Antique Overdrive and it has the tone I love, and its real versatile. Since then I’ve got more and more, and I’m stoked with all of them. Ive been using this current configuration the last 3 years and its very reliable and has the tone I want. I’m stoked with them.

I also use Waylon’s services when I have anything electrical go wrong with my guitar or bass amps or PA equipment and his workmanship is second to none. Feel very lucky to have someone with his skills and workmanship move to this region, and I’ve been happily using McPherson gear since I found it.

Thank you for choosing McPherson Stompboxes