Marcel Merrix Stannard is a Mount Maunganui based guitarist, song writer, guitarist with Deeds, Vega and No Code. Marcel has blazed his unique style, effect heavy riffage amongst most of Nz sound stages over the last decade…

“McPherson Stompboxes and Waylon especially has kept my gear alive over the years… I’ve had my Vox Ac30 fixed, Marshall amp totally re valved and a reverb unit fixed and Waylon never disappoints”

“His knowledge is awesome and his workmanship is world class and affordable, thanks Waylon”

My current set up is Fender Bassman/Vox Ac30  into either a fractal FX8 or i use a pedal board consisting of.. Boss tu2 tuner, Cry baby wah, jekyll and Hyde overdrive, ehx small stone phaser, boss chorus, boss supershifter, strymon bluesky reverb, line6 DL4, Boss space echo… and if any of them die… McPherson Stompboxes will be my first port of call!!

Thank you for choosing McPherson Stompboxes