Artisan Effect Pedals Designed & Hand Crafted in New Zealand

Omni Compressor™

Our Omni Compressor™ is a super low noise, transparent, studio grade compressor that utilises our unique parallel compression circuitry . A versatile compressor that can tackle subtle dynamic control, through to super squishy signal squeeze.

Evolution Overdrive™

The McPherson Evolution Overdrive™ has a massive tonal range covering sweet boost/overdrive tones through to tight grinding distortion and searing lead tones, the Evolution Overdrive™ covers a lot of sonic ground.

McPherson Fusion Wah™

  • Unique phase sync’d wet and dry controls.
  • Sounds great with your Strat™ or Les Paul™, + acoustic guitar or bass.
  • Fusion Wah™ also uses our Fuzz Friendly output driver circuit.

Flux Boost™

This one of a kind booster can push your amp to the next level, along with allowing you to shape your tone in an organic and musical way.

The Flux Boost™ is also right at home with acoustic guitar and due to it’s intuitive controls, helps avoid feedback and other problems when boosting acoustics. 


 “All McPherson pedals are meticulously hand crafted – making each one unique”