Antique Overdrive™


Creamy, smooth, and highly responsive the Antique Overdrive™ is one of the most dynamic drive pedals today.

Beautifully handcrafted in New Zealand, this all analogue circuit is a rare example of an overdrive pedal that feels as sweet as it sounds.


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” This has to be hands down the most inspiring overdrive pedal I’ve ever played! “

Trying to get the right formula for a sweet, organic sounding overdrive that also feels amazing to play is an obsession of ours at McPherson Stompboxes.

The Antique Overdrive’s™ strength is it’s pure natural overdrive tone coupled with a massive dynamic range, this equates to an incredibly musical pedal that is highly addictive to play.

Clean, edge of break up or bluesy drive through hot lead tones the Antique Overdrive™ can meld into any musicians setup.

This unit is a great tool if you like gain stacking into your amp, and with the addition of our Zero Loss™ boost circuit, it can add another dimension of natural drive to your rig.


The left footswitch engages the pedal, while the right footswitch engages our Zero Loss™ Boost circuit.

This unique circuit does not affect your tone when engaged, and provides loads of real overall output set by the boost knob.

When the boost circuit is engaged, the Drive control is turned off and the B-Drive control is simultaneously turned on. This means you can have a completely independent drive setting for the boost, letting you have more (or less) drive saturation when the boost is engaged.

The Fat switch selects between two separately voiced modes.

The first mode is voiced for a clearer, tighter sound while the second is thicker and creamier with a fat low end.

Engaging the Push switch adds another level of drive, giving more sweet sustain and higher saturation levels.

” I really love how it reacts to my playing, the dynamics are pretty amazing “



  • Truly hand crafted one at a time
  • Unique All Analogue point to point hand wired circuit
  • Super smooth, sweet organic overdrive
  • Zero Loss™ Boost circuit
  • Versatile design with intuitive controls
  • Quality components used throughout
  • True Bypass switching
  • Standard 3 Year warranty (conditions apply)

International orders must be paid via Paypal

This unit must only be powered by a regulated 9 or 18VDC negative centre (Boss Style) power supply (not included). These units do not take batteries.


Antique Overdrive (older version) : Cosmetically different with the same core tone as the current version.

McPherson Stompboxes are handcrafted to the highest standard in New Zealand.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm