McPherson Fusion Wah™


  • Unique phase sync’d wet and dry controls.
  • Sounds great with your Strat™ or Les Paul™, + acoustic guitar or bass.
  • Fusion Wah™ also uses our Fuzz Friendly output driver circuit.


” The Fusion Wah™ pedal’s super vowel like, expressive wah tone sounds great with my Strat and just as good on my Acoustic! “

Our Fusion Wah™ is a versatile wah with a super expressive tone, that is perfect for Shaft like cleans or raunchy dirty tones. 

The Fusion Wah™ features separate Wet and Dry mix controls so you can blend the exact amount of Wah to pure guitar tone. These controls are what makes our wah so affective, shaping the exact wah style for your rig…even Acoustic guitar

In addition the output is phase synchronised to the input, this avoids low end loss with multi source pickups and stereo systems.

This unit, like all our pedals is completely handmade, not just hand assembled, right down to the point to point wired circuitboard.

Only quality reliable components are used for the smoothest, most liquid wah tone imaginable. This circuitry is all safely housed inside a heavy duty ‘Raw Die-cast Aluminum’ enclosure, with adjustable treadle tension.

” This wah loves my old Fuzz Face, nice to be able to blend back in my original guitar tone too! “

Each Fusion Wah™ features one of our own handcrafted Vintage Black inductors. These inductors, are  built here in the McPherson Stompboxes workshop and are scatter-wound by hand to a specific value for the sweetest, most vowel like wah tone.

The wah’s flush mount base plate is another unique addition. The 4mm thick aluminum base plate has been custom made to allow for a completely flat base, for easy fixing to your pedalboard with superior strength over a standard wah base plate.

” This is the sweetest wah I’ve played, the wet and dry mix controls are just fantastic! “


  • Expressive, liquid like wah tone
  • Fuzz Friendly output, loves pushing a Fuzz
  • Separate Wet and Dry mix controls
  • All Analog point to point wired circuitboard
  • Vintage Black Inductor Handcrafted by McPherson Stompboxes
  • ‘Raw Die-cast Aluminum’ Heavy duty enclosure with adjustable treadle
  • Custom made heavy duty “Flush Mount” base plate
  • Output Phase synchronisation : Essential for multi pickup and stereo setups
  • Quality components used throughout
  • True Bypass switching
  • Unique All Analogue point to point hand wired circuit
  • Standard 3 Year warranty (conditions apply)

International orders must be paid via Paypal

This unit must only be powered by a regulated 9VDC negative centre (Boss Style) power supply (not included). These units do not take batteries.

How we build our pedals

McPherson Stompboxes are handcrafted to the highest standard in New Zealand.

Additional information

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