Taj Farrant may be young, but his natural musical ability surpasses his age.

This down to earth Aussie kid is more than passionate about playing guitar and is clearly a natural born rocker through and through. One ACDC concert with his Dad and seeing Angus Young do his thing was the catalyst  for Taj to say “I want to do that forever”. He got a guitar and the rest, as they say is history.

Taj is now being mentored by the likes of ionic guitarists Dai Pritchard and Steve Edmonds that are helping him along this amazing path. Taj is fortunate to have a very supportive family, helping guide and encourage his passion, with freedom and balance to enjoy playing and perfect his techniques while still enjoying kid stuff too and has already picked up sponsorship by Drom Clothing.

As a guitarist Taj has that truely genuine ‘feel’ when he plays, with technique and sole well beyond his years. We are super proud that Taj chooses to use our unique NZ hand made McPherson Fusion Wah and we look forward to following Taj and seeing where his music takes him.

Thank you for choosing McPherson Stompboxes