White Fuzz™

The McPherson White Fuzz™, is an extremely versatile, smooth Fuzz that caters for both vintage and modern Fuzz lovers alike.

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This unique Mosfet based design provides an organic, thick fuzz that differs from your typical (ge) germanium and (si) silicon fuzz boxes.

It’s versatility allows you to go from a mild overdrive, through to over the top fire breathing fuzz, with great sustain, harmonics and a very responsive tube like tone.



Controls :



  • Fuzz : Adjusts the amount of Fuzz saturation you require
  • Sizzle : This unique tone control tames only the highest frequencies without altering the remaining signal
  • Vol : Adjusts the output volume

The White Fuzz™ has an abundance of output volume and is extremely well suited to live use.


  • The Centre Switch : This switch engages the Fat channel.

This second channel is voiced for a thicker creamier 200 lb violin style sound. It works great for fattening single coil equipped guitars or turning humbuckers into a huge wall of thick creamy fuzz.



Features :



  • Unique Mosfet design for Vintage or Modern Fuzz tones
  • Quality Switchcraft jacks
  • Full handmade point to point wired all analogue circuitry
  • True Bypass heavy duty switch with pop reduction circuit
  • Hard wearing Alpha Pots
  • Rugged Hammond Aluminum cast enclosure with durable laser cut graphics
  • Standard 3 Year warranty (conditions apply)



McPherson effects units are hand crafted right here in New Zealand


All international orders must be paid through Paypal

This unit must only be powered by a regulated 9v negative centre (Boss Style) power supply (not included). These units do not take batteries.


Sound Samples

Please remember, these demos are only a tonal snapshot. Subtle detail of how the pedal reacts and interacts with your playing is really what makes the White Fuzz™ special.


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