Introducing McPherson Stompboxes

McPherson Stompboxes is a family owned and operated business, building and modifying effects pedals right here in New Zealand.

Effects pedals are our passion.

With the satisfaction of creating and building units completely by hand, McPherson Stompboxes are definitely not a factory line product.

Meticulously created and built in house including design, hand cut circuit boards, intricate point to point wiring, right down to hand drilling every enclosure. Each component in the design has been chosen specifically for it’s sound quality, reliability and durability, resulting in what we feel is a superb range of effects pedals that are built to last.

Our pedals have undergone rigorous testing in the most harshest of environments… the live NZ music scene! Through long nights of gigging and the usual demands and hazards, these units have proven themselves time and time again to be able to handle the high expectations of experienced  musicians.